about me

Software development

Back in 2014 I created my first couple of websites with WordPress. It was awesome, however everything was drag and drop.

Then later that year I made my first website with pure HTML. It was quite ugly. In 2015 I learned a small amount of CSS and Javascript. And from that I just kept learned more about CSS and Javascript.

2016 is the year I really started to work with backend programming. This I did in PHP. Which have later been useful for developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress.

Since 2017 I’ve been studying programming and had a internship at a small telephony company in Denmark.

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What I do

You have hear about my experience with programming. Like many others I have other skills as well.

Search Engine Optimization

I've optimized various of websites for search engines. My methods work, but it takes at bit of time to see results.

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Yes they are quite different. I have most expericence with Facebook Ads, and more of a novice at Google Ads.



I've built many normalized databases, this means no redundant data and data integrety.

Making connections

I'm great at talking with people... I'm just bad at start the first conversation. That is something I am working on.


Selected Work

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Simple blog


This is a danish website about cars. The website is highly optimized on search engines. It receives pretty much all traffic from Google and have multiple page 1 ranks.

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BrainyWealth is me sharing my experience in the crowdlending business. SEO is still a work in progess on this new website.

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Online booking

KOI Sushi

KOI Sushi is a new sushi restuarant in Denmark. They needed a clean website, so we developed this together.

Skills I would like to learn or am learning


Writing is something I am working on getting better at. I use Medium for my writing.


Selling is a skill that I still haven't worked much on. I've read "Selling Like Serhant" By Ryan Serhant. I could see myself selling Real Estate or cars. Cars is a passion where as real estate is just pure amazing. I could also see myself create a webshop and sell something there.

Email list building

Email lists are great for keeping up with your customers. SMS lists are even better for webshops. Nevertheless, I know I can improve much on this subject.


Looking to get in contact?

Send me an email: [email protected]