5 Easy To Accomplish Free Traffic Methods

5 Free Traffic Methods

Today I will show you how to get completely free traffic to your blog, website, YouTube videos and so on.

I will show you 5 methods that you can start doing right NOW.

Instagram free traffic

You can use Instagram to post your articles, videos or whatever you do. You’ll also have to post other valuable content for the user.

To actually get going on Instagram you’ll need to find the right hashtags. You don’t want to use the crowded hashtags since the Instagram algorithm will just kill your post if you do.

Like with SEO if you have a new account, you’ll have to find keywords that are easier for you to be seen.

#dog has over 210 million posts. Think about how fast your post will be pushed down and not seen.

Perhaps #dog isn’t relevant for your niche, but just remember to find keywords in your niche that isn’t crowded.

Don’t make your posts to long.

It is recommended to have about 5-9 hashtags and not more than 150 characters including the hashtags.

And remember to use emojis to catch peoples attention.

You can use https://linktr.ee/ to have multiple links in your bio. That is a nice little trick.


When I first heard about using Pinterest for traffic, I wasn’t sure about it.

But it turns out, that it is quite a good service for generating traffic.

You just have to start pinning.

If you run out of your own content to pin, even pinning other peoples pins to your boards is a good idea.

Pinning many times a day is good for you.

This brings you inside the Pinterest community and algorithm.

I would recommend pinning 10 a day.

When you pin your own content, make sure to create stunning images with eye catching text, that make people want to read more.

You might have a few questions about Pinterest.

What is the best image size for Pinterest?

Long images are taking up a lot of space, so they’ll easier be seen.
The recommended ratio is 2:3 or 4:5.
If you have a 650 width your minimum height should be 975.

What time of the day should you post?

It depends on your audience, but using the Pinterest analytics you can find what, when the users are looking at our pins.
A good tip is not to post in the normal working hours and post on Friday afternoon and Saturdays are good.

What if I run out of content?

Simply pin others, that are related to your content and add them to your boards.


Using Quora to get traffic is a method that you actually can take and copy paste on other Quora / forum like sites.

It is important, that you don’t go ahead and spam out your links.

Find questions that are related to your niche.

Answer the question. But the answer could be in your youtube video. So simple say something like you’ve actually covered this topic in this youtube video and then link/embed the youtube video.

You could also link to your blog article, but if you do make sure to copy the value from the blog post into the answer. Since you don’t want to get tagged with spam for linking to your blog post.

The nice thing about Quora is that they have good rankings on Google and your answer will be there for people reading the question and answer later.

Set yourself a goal. Perhaps to answer five questions each day in your niche. Or set aside 20 minutes each day. Whatever works for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing your content for search engines is always a good idea, to help you bring on more traffic.

Whether it be a pin on Pinterest, a YouTube video or a blog post, this is important.

I’m not gonna go into details since there are so many good articles on this. Here are a few:

Using this to grow your email list

If you have an email list you can get traffic from the emails to your newly posted content.

There are your free traffic methods. Let me tell you a little bit about how you can grow your email list with these.

Hopefully, already have an email list. If not you can click here to get your 14-day free trial for GetResponse.

If you’re using GetResponse, you can use Optin Forms for GetResponse, to have forms and popups on your blog.

It is dead easy to set up, but you’ll need to give them some extra value to make them sign up, else there is no point in them signing up.

If you’re using YouTube, you could leave them with some bonus content, if they sign up to your email list, which you’ve linked to in your description and the YouTube cards.

When using Quora, you can link to your blog post, which answers their question. In the blog post, you make sure to hit them with some value if they sign up.

I just add an opt-in form in the middle of the blog post, if it makes sense.

Again for Instagram, it is the same thing. Give them something value content, if they sign up to your email list. You know why there are following you, so give them something that is relevant for them, if they sign up to your list.

Any questions leave them below πŸ™‚

Talk to you soon

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  1. Thank you for posting all this content!
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