Adtrics Academy Review 2019

Adtrics Academy Review 2019 1

The Adtrics Academy is made by Fred Lam. He is a self-made millionaire. It was created to help young entrepreneurs get their business up and running.

He has been an entrepreneur for the last 13 years and is now sharing his proven strategies.

Free course

To get started with the Adtrics Academy, he has made a COMPLETELY free course to get you kick-started. Even with this zero cost training, he will show you some blueprints to his strategies that have made several new millionaires – you could be the next.

This course will feature 3 different ways to make $300 a day from the ground up. This opportunity is worth it, it’s not every day you get given a completely free course.

I’m sorry – nothing comes free. You will have to spend your time watching the course. But heck that’s cheap.

Media buying

The Adtrics Academy is really all about media buying. You probably already know what media buying is, but to sum it up if you don’t, it is really about ads on media.

You will get tactics and strategies that you can apply when you advertise online.

He is sharing strategies for businesses including eCommerce, Lead Generation, Digital Publishing, Affiliate Marketing, Agency, and Local Business.

That is quite crazy. This is really comprehensive.

This a full-on certification. I’m not kidding. You will have to take an online exam to get Adtrics certified.

Of course you don’t have to.

You will even get live coaching from Fred Lam himself over 8 weeks.

Let me tell you this. You can’t do a review of Adtrics. There is so much content, to be more specific at the time of writing 35+ hours. Start out with the free course (tons of value) and if you like it, you could continue with Adtrics Academy.

And if you want to know more about Fred Lam, he has recently launched the second edition of his book “Starting from Zero”. You can read more about it here or get the book for only $2 here.

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