Best free backlinks for SEO [2019 edition]

Best free backlinks for SEO

Building backlinks is still one of the most important aspects of SEO. It can be expensive if you’re buying backlinks and buying links isn’t always good, since the website needs to be legit.

So today, I will show you the best free backlinks for SEO, that I know off. (Please do comment if you’ve any more to add to the list).

My backlinks suggestions will both be nofollow and dofollow. I am a true believer that even nofollow links make an impact.

1. It’s my URLs

Make a list with your links and get backlinks completely free.

With you can create a free account and add your most valuable links to be shown on your profile.

2. LinkTree

LinkTree is very similar to it’s my URLs. You can make a list with unlimited links for free.

This can even be useful if you use e.g instagram and you want to have multiple links in you bio.

3. About me

You can get a backlink on if you create an account, write a small description and then link to your website.

4. Im faceplate

On imfaceplate you can create articles where you can insert your link. If you don’t want to spend time on that, I suggest adding your RSS feed that comes with WordPress automaticly.

This will add links for your 10 most recent blog posts. The RSS feed is located at

5. Listly works like some of the others. You create a list of interests. To make this one stick, you’ll also want to include some links that are not your own.

6. Somuch is a link directory. Remember you don’t want too many of these, they can hurt your rank, so I suggest not having more that 5 links from a link directory.

7. Picktu is another high DA link directory.

8. WordPress

You can create a completely free blog on With this new blog, you can write articles and create backlinks to your own website.

I’m not getting, this is really one of the best free backlinks for SEO, that you can get, when you’re starting out. In my opinion of course.

9. Blogspot

Like with WordPress, you can create a blog on blogspot and posts small simple articles that links back to your website.

10. Medium

Sign up for an account and then publish your article with a backlink to your website.

11. LinkedIn

Another potential is Linkedin. You can actually write articles with backlinks to your website.

12. Slideshare

Slideshare provides another way of creating links. You can actually have links in the slides. If you’re not lazy, you can also drive traffic to your website, if you make a well enough slide show.

13. Quora

Answering questions where you link to your website is a great way to get more backlinks, even if it a nofollow. And creating an account also allows you to add your link in your bio.



Like with WordPress you can create your own website, where you publish content, that links to your website.


Fix broken links

Make sure you don’t have any links that gives an error. Redirect these pages to your homepage to give it the link “juice”.

There is many tools out there to help you with this, but I use a plugin to my WordPress website.

Commenting and guest posts

You can also comment on other websites. Sometimes you’re allowed to input a website. But your comment needs to be legit and not some spam bullshit.

That is another great way to generate free backlinks

Doing guest post for other blogs can be a way to get more backlinks. These often take time, but can we worth it.

Another way is to create some awesome content, that can end up in a link roundup – more on this in my SEO checklist.

Final words

These are some quite simple links to get. Yes there is many others out there, but you can do these.

So, this is it, my best free backlinks for SEO. If you have any suggestions for backlinks please let me know by leaving a comment.

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  1. I read your article every day. The way you write your head is very good indeed. I have been reading all your articles from the beginning and by learning from you I prepared my own website. For everything thank you soo much

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