Chosing the right website hosting

This one can be a bit tricky. It is one of the most important things in your business. People are tired of waiting, so if your website isn’t quick at loading you might loose customers.

For this website I use webhostface. They offer great support and cheap hosting. But perhaps a bit too cheap. The perfomance isn’t quite up to par, but they offer CloudFlare, so that is why I still you them.


This is probably the best WordPress hosting for the money. You can get it for $3.95. The normal price is $7.99. This is a really good deal. This would be the hosting that I would use, if I didn’t already have hosting.

WP Engine

WP Engine offers the absolute best hosting at least in my opinion. They have great performance and a global CDN to use, so that your website will load fast where ever you are in the world. However this comes at a cost. A cost that isn’t the worth it if you are justing starting. Their cheapest plan is $35/month.


I have had positive experience with SiteGround. I have run a larger website on their GoGeek plan. Yes it is a bit more expensive, than some of the others, but they deliver good support and performance. If you have a developer or you might do some custom programmering on the website, they have the option to use git. This is a nice bonus.


I use Webhostface on this website. The reason being I got an extremely good deal over 5 years for under $100. The performance isn’t the best and even though you should be able to run multiple websites I wouldn’t recommed it. It seems that the second website you add runs much slower. But again it was really cheap and with CloudFlare it should help with the performance.

If you setup CloudFlare, then this is still a good hosting service for the money and as long as you only have one website.

There is many to choose from

There is so many hosting services out there today. This is just from my personal experience. There is no reason for me to add hosting services that I’ve not tried. I would have no idea how to recommend them.


If you are just starting out, go with Bluehost. They offer the best bang for your buck. If you are running a larger website, I would recommend using WP Engine.

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