ContentGorilla Review and guide

ContentGorilla Review and guide 1

I was skeptic about ContentGorilla. Was this real? Could this really be your own personal writer?

This couldn’t possibly be working well. I was wrong – this is why I made a ContentGorilla review.

This tool is awesome if you both create YouTube videos and blog post/articles. Or if you just make YouTube videos.

Now you only have to create the YouTube video, Awesome!

I chose to try it out. What is this software capable of?

Well ContentGorilla made this article for me – read it here!

Okay, I admit I added the headlines myself. It took me around 10-15 minutes.

That is fast. Writing an article takes many hours. And content is king.

You probably know that, if you’re reading this.

You can even connect the software to your WordPress blog, so it can post the article for you.

It has never been easier to write an article.

How to get started with ContentGorilla

First you’ll need an account – you can sign up here!

Go to to login.

When you’re logged in you will see a homepage like this.

ContentGorilla dashboard

When you first start out you’ll have to get a YouTube API token. This is so the program can find the video you want to convert into a blog article.

So you want to click settings in the left sidebar and input your token. If you don’t have a token simply press the link in the top right corner to get one.

ContentGorilla youtube api setup

Now that you’ve gotten that setup, you can now go back to the home page.

I suggest finding the YouTube video on YouTube, you want to convert into a blog article. Copy the link and input it into the text field and press search.

For this tutorial, I just choose a video for showing purpose. I recommend only to use your own videos.

ContentGorilla Review and guide 2

Go ahead and press “Create Post” to generate the article.

Now you have quite a few options.

If you press the “Add images” you can add images to the blog post from the web.

“Spin Content” allows you to make the text more unique and readable. I definitely like this feature.

At the bottom of the page you can correct grammar, which is a nice bonus feature, so you don’t have to read it all through.

Under the tab “Featured Image” you can select the featured images of the post. This will by the standard be the thumbnail and will be used when you publish the post to WordPress from this program.

The tab “tags” deals with the tags for the WordPress post. The tags is mainly used when you do searches on your blog.

Next is the “Syndication” tab. This lets you easily share the post on various sites, but you’ll need the pro version. This I’ve not tried.

Last we have the tab “Publish”. If you’ve connected your WordPress site you can here publish the blog post to your blog. It is that easy!

ContentGorilla Review and guide 3

Improving the article with ContentGorilla

You can improve the text that ContentGorilla generates from a YouTube video. You do this by selecting “Article Rewriter” from the left sidebar.

Here you can make ContentGorilla rewrite the text for you. To make it more readable or more unique.

This is a nice option to have.

ContentGorilla Blog rewriter

There is more to ContentGorilla, but I will leave that for you to explore.

If you have any questions, go ahead and leave them below.

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