Extend your ClickFunnels trial

With ClickFunnels you can get a 14-day free trial, but it is possible to extend this. Today I’ll show you, how you can do this.

We all know how hard it can be to try everything on trial. Perhaps you’ve missed a few days of work due to some family dinners or some other work that you had to get done.

It happens and it’s annoying not getting the full experience since the price is a lot for a beginner.

Either way lets get into it.

I personally had some sick days, so I really missed out on some else valuable days in my trial.

So what I did was simple just to write a support ticket. This is how you can do it yourself.

In the bottom right corner, you press “Get help”.

Then write them a kind message, it could be something like this.

“Hi. Could it be possible to extend my ClickFunnels trial. I don’t feel like I’ve tried enough to justify buying the service yet. Regards Yourname”

Since I actually was sick a few days I added that to the text.

Click continue.

Choose “I still need help”.

I then chose “Submit a ticket” and submitted my message.

A day later they extended my trial with 14-days.

I can’t guarantee, that this will work for you. I’ve had a friend do the same and it worked for him.

Just remember ask kindly.

Talk to you soon.

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