The first step to becoming a SUPER Affiliate

Super affiliate

If you like me, when I started out, I didn’t now what a super affiliate marketer was.

Here is the definition:

A super affiliate is an affiliate marketer who earns more than 99% of other affiliate marketers when promoting affiliate products and usually has a steady and proven strategy to dominate any product promotion.

I will admit that I don’t earn more than 99% of other affiliate marketers, but hey it’s a journey. I’m getting there.

But you don’t get anywhere if you don’t get started.

Start your journey.

This was my first step to becoming a super affiliate. Promoting GetResponse affiliate offer and building an email list.

Many affiliate marketers do the same mistake.

They build an email list, perhaps even spent money on it and then kills it.

They kill it with sending out promotions all the time.

But Mikkel isn’t that the point of this?

Yes, it is. But you want to warm people up. Give them free content (the value). It could be a simple link to a blog post that is worth reading.

You want to solve their problem. If you promote a new product every day/email, people just stop reading your emails. They don’t care about what product you’re now promoting.

This is why you gotta know your audience. You need to know what they want. And with GetResponse they get into an automated flow of what emails to receive when. So even if they join the email list one year after you made it, they will still get the same emails as the ones that joined one year earlier.

That is really clever.

I could e.g. promote a course on how to get paid traffic or free traffic to you in one week after signing up to my training. Because that is what want.

You want to know how to grow your email list. But how do I get the traffic?

How do I use Instagram to grow my email list or promote a product?

You can then solve peoples problem.

The warm up email could be something like:

Tomorrow something big is happening. I will reveal my strategy on how I get free traffic to my email list…

Or you could send the email a week in advance. You will want to make them look out for your email tomorrow or whenever you will send it.

If you have a blog or Youtube channel, you could use the email list to get traffic to your new video or blog post.

The point being;

Don’t spam your email list with a bunch of bullshit or you will kill your list.

In tomorrows lesson I’ll show you the process of building a funnel.

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