GetResponse vs MailerLite

GetResponse vs MailerLite

Is GetResponse or MailerLite the best email marketing tool?

So by now, you are probably thinking, which email marketing service should I get? Don’t’ worry, we have everything covered for you in this article and by the end of it you will know which is the best email automation tool for you.

Let us help you make the best decision. 

First, of course, it all depends on your needs, experiences, and budget.

We came up with some questions and answers that may help you choose which one is the best option for you and also listed the pros and cons of each platform.

What are these platforms designed to do?

Both GetResponse and MailerLite was once a simple, straightforward email marketing platforms.

Now, on top of the email marketing platform, GetResponse was initially known to be landing pages builder, create webinars, and take care of all your marketing automation needs.

The landing page builder is to create beautiful signup pages for your email list.

Your email marketing can be on full autopilot with GetResponse.

MailerLite has also adopted these functions.


GetResponse features

  • Email Automation
  • Landing page builder and templates
  • A/B Split testing
  • Easy tracking tools
  • Funnel builder
  • Webinars
  • 30-day Free Trial

MailerLite features

  • Email Automation
  • Landing page builder and templates
  • A/B Split testing
  • Tracking tools
  • Free plan (up 1000 subscribers)

Both platforms are well integrated into other systems like WordPress, but GetResponse is definitely the most supported. This is due to its larger customer base.

What will each platform cost?

MailerLite has a free plan with up to 1000 subscribers, but in general you’ll have limited features.

For instance, you can only build simple automation workflows. You can’t resend emails if they haven’t been opened or clicked the link in the email.

I use this feature a lot – I wouldn’t want to live a day without it.

On the landing pages and the emails you send out, there will be an MailerLite logo and link to their website. This doesn’t look professional for you.

But their subscriptions are pretty cheap. If you want to get all the features and you only have up to 1000 subscribers, the price is only $15.

The complete pricing list for MailerLite
MailerLite pricing

In comparison GetResponse is more expensive if you want all their features. But GetResponse is a much larger company and the features seems more comprehensive.

Their user interface is easy to use and is all in all a good platform for beginners, small business, large business or a marketing expert.

With up to 1000 subscribers on the basic plan, this is will set you back $15.

That is not too bad, but you simply don’t get all the features as you do with the cheapest plan on MailerLite.

GetResponse complete pricing list
GetResponse pricing list

Customer service

While both GetResponse and MailerLite have decent satisfaction rates, it seems that uses appreciated GetResponse’s customer service efforts more than MailerLite.

Do you need to work on a mobile platform?

It’s important to note that MailerLite only has an iPhone app. This means, that MailerLite is not available on Android.

On the other hand, GetResponse can be used on both iPhone, iPad and Android.

This is isn’t a huge concern for many.

Final words

If you just want to collect emails, build an email list and do some basic email automation then go with MailerLite.

If you want an all in one solution go with GetResponse. They even have a funnel system.

Since GetResponse have a free trial and MailerLite a free plan I would suggest trying both out yourself and reviewing them yourself.

Doing this will let you decide which one is right for you.

My overall choice is going to be GetResponse, since you can do more and then the funnel system won me over at last.

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