How getting rid of YouTube made me more productive in life!

How getting rid of YouTube made me more productive in life! 1

I need to admit something.

I was addicted to YouTube.


I’ve spent endless hours on Youtube.

You can take what I’ve done and learned and implement it into your life.

Getting rid of YouTube

My first step to becoming more productive is getting rid of YouTube.

For yourself, you need to find what is keeping you from being productive.

It might also be YouTube or perhaps Netflix? It could be anything.

Nevertheless, I didn’t completely want to remove Youtube from my life.

I just want to remove the bad about Youtube. The rabbit hole, that sucks you in and just keeps showing you the suggested and related videos – I can’t resist them.

Fuck that!

Sorry for my language, but this is harder to write about than I expected. It reminds me of the endless, not guilt-free time I’ve spent on Youtube.

At this point, I needed to find out what about Youtube that is good for me.

If there is anything.

There is the part of Youtube that is teaching me about a given topic (money, writing, personal development and so on).

That is okay.

Youtube channels that motivate me is also fine. The energy some videos can give to complete a task is awesome.

When I find a video that just fuels me like crazy, I actually add it to a playlist on Youtube.

I have not watched any of them yet, but at some point, it will be useful.

However, I still need to manage the time spent on the platform.

This is where some key Chrome extensions come in handy.

Distraction free Youtube

Distraction-free Youtube allows me to turn off notifications, trending tab, comments, related videos and so on.

It is awesome. It just allows me to search for the few channels, that I actually need.

Block sites

Block sites allow you to block websites.

If you want to redirect the request from a “bad” website (Facebook, Instagram…) to another webpage, like a Google Docs document, you can do it.

I really like that feature.

You can have a work mode, that blocks the pages for x amount of time while you need to get stuff DONE!

I enjoy both extensions quite a lot. They have helped me much.

But still, that isn’t enough...

…I needed to make a list of replacements. If I got the urge to go watch Youtube I could look at the list and go do something else instead.

But it can’t be anything…

The replacement needs to give you the same feeling of reward, else it simply won’t work.

Here is my list, so you can get an idea of what could work for you:

  • Audible (Listen to audiobooks)
  • Do programming
  • Go for a walk
  • Do a workout

I want to clarify two things on the list. Going for a walk is rather nice and gives me the energy boost, that I need to continue on my work. I’d not expect it to be this relaxing and enjoyable.

Doing a quick workout, even if I just have my body weight, gives me a nice reward and the energy to go do some work.

For me, it is just awesome. Just 5 minutes before writing this sentence, I actually made 3×12 sit-ups, just to give me the power to write.

I’m not saying this will work for you, that is why you want to make a list of replacements for your productivity issue. But first when you’ve found your issue.

How do I find, what is holding me back from being productive?

You might already know the answer to this, but if you don’t I’ll tell you how I did it.

I was procrastinating. When I did it, I always watched Youtube.

“Oh this video could be useful for me, let me just watch it.”

After a day where I procrastinated for I don’t even know how many hours, I noticed that it was due to Youtube.

Later on, I noticed that I was thinking about YouTube when I was doing the work. Which video I would watch while taking my break – or should I just watch it now? Yeah, why not, it will not hurt…

So the answer is just that I started noticing what was holding me back from doing the task that I wanted to get done.

Final words

What I am trying to say is, find what is keeping you from being productive and work on improving it. And remember to put aside time to for instance watch Youtube. This way you’ll know you will get it when you have done the work

I know that this can be hard for some. It was for me, so I know what you’ll be going through. I will be here. Read this, however, many times you need.

By knowing your weakness it will help you get stronger.

I got some more tips for being more productive, but I think this will be better fitting for another day, so stay tuned.

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