Is SEO Worth it in 2019

Is SEO worith it in 2019?

Is SEO Worth it in 2019?

Yes, SEO is worth it, BUT it might not be worth it to buy SEO services or even buy SEO tools – there are some excellent free tools.

More on that later.

If you have the time to do SEO, I really wouldn’t outsource it a SEO service. It is often expensive and you can do much of it yourself either way.

Are you writing blog posts or creating your website?

If you’re doing the writing yourself, you can do SEO.

It is a matter of optimizing your current content with a few extra words, change the meta title and meta description, adding some alt text to images.

Okay, there is more to it than just that, but you should still be able to rank well in about two months if you follow this.

Let us continue, with a few questions

What is SEO (Search engine optimization)

If you already know and are tired of having to read this, feel free and go to the next section.

SEO stands for Seach engine optimization. What does this mean?

You optimize for ranking on page 1 on search engines, so you can get more organic traffic.

Google search example
Google Search Example

As you can see both keywordtool and keywordseverywhere have done a great job at getting on page 1 for Ubersuggest.

This leads us to the next question;

Why is organic traffic so important?

Organic traffic is the top source for visitors on many websites.

With search engine optimization, you can expose your website for many potential new visitors (and perhaps even new customers).

When people need anything, they “Google” it. And that is why you want to optimize for organic traffic.

Yes, I know that you could do paid ads on Google. But the thing is, you need to get the money from somewhere, to pay for the ads.

Also, quite a lot of people skip the ads and just scroll down to the actual search result.

With SEO you pay with your time.

Not saying that if you spend hours on SEO you will see the result you want.

No, you need to know what you’re doing OR just have right tools. I show you the tools I use a bit later, but first;

The higher you rank thus more traffic you will get.

This doesn’t mean, that you will get more sales or whatever you are trying to do. If your content or product isn’t good enough, you still won’t earn more money.

What has changed?

Back in the day, it wasn’t too difficult to rank on Google. There wasn’t much competition (not as many websites) and Google’s algorithm was very sophisticated.

Google has updated the search algorithm many times since then and it is much smarter nowadays.

I won’t go into the updates.

Google search results page changed

There was a time when the search result page only showed organic rankings. Okay, sometimes you were shown one ad.

Old Google SERP vs New Google SERP
Old Google SERP vs New Goole SERP

The first page of a Google search has so much going on. There is quite a lot of new features, that show up depending on your search query.

Here are some of the new Google SERP elements and changes:

  • Google Ads
  • Featured Snippets
  • Image Packs
  • Knowledge Cards
  • Knowledge Panels
  • Local Packs
  • News Boxes
  • Related Questions
  • Reviews
  • Shopping Results
  • Site Links
  • Tweets
  • Video Results

Google Ads

Ads on Google are displayed on top of the search result, pushing the organic result down and can impact CTR.

Is SEO Worth it in 2019 1
Is SEO Worth it in 2019 2
Is SEO Worth it in 2019 1

You’ll also see ads on the bottom of the page, but this only happens sometimes.

When they do, you’ll usually see 3-4 ads on top and 3 at the bottom.

Featured Snippets

Sometimes Google extracts information from a well-optimized page with structured data, to answer a specific question or show a “How to” from the search query.

Featured Snippets have higher CTR than regular organic results.

There are different types of Featured Snippets:

  • List type
  • Paragraph type
  • Table type

Images packs

Images can appear when Google deems that visual content would be valuable.

Google Image pack search
Google search Image pack

These images link to a Google Images search.

If you conduct Image SEO, your content you be displayed here.

Knowledge Cards

Knowledge cards is a way of showing data for queries.

Google SERP knowledge card
Knowledge card

In most cases, this data comes from partners, so it out of reach for most people.

Knowledge Panels

These panels are on the right side of your search.

Google SERP knowledge graph

They could have some information about the topic you’re searching for or business info, either with some statistics or phone number and opening times.

This means, that local business, brands and even persons can appear here.

Local Business

When you do search queries with local keywords local packs and appear.

A list of 3 related local businesses will be displayed with a map, review and so on.

Google SERP Local business

It is displayed on top of the search results, takes up quite a lot of space and is really eye-catching.

To rank for these you’ll need to be doing local SEO and have good reviews.

News Stories

If there are news-related content to your search query, news story boxes might be displayed on the search result page.

News story SEO
News story boxes

The news stories are usually only for news websites, so you won’t have much chance for ranking unless you optimize for news.

Related Questions

When Google thinks there is related questions to your search query, they will show related questions snippet.

Related questions snippets are like featured snippets. So if you rank for featured snippets, you’ll most likely rank for related question snippets too.

Related Questions Snippet
Related Questions Snippet

I’ve only experienced them appear on the top of the search result, but I’ve heard that they can appear in other positions as well.

Usually, there will be displayed about 4 questions.

To rank for these, you need to have some good keyword research.

Target keywords should contain one of the 5 Ws (What, Where, When, Who and Why) or How.


Reviews are displayed under the link for the result.

The reviews are displayed with a 0 to a 5-star rating


Some might say you will get a higher CTR if your rating is high. But in my opinion, just showing a rating will get you a higher CTR.

To show review on Google Search, you will need to enable schema markup for your site. If you use WordPress you can use WPReview, Rank Math SEO or another WordPress plugin that enables schema markup.

Shopping Results

Shopping boxes are not organic. They are like Google Ads. They are paid product listings.

Google Shopping result, shopping boxes
Shopping results

Site Links

When you search for a brand or company site links may be displayed as the top result, just like in this case with Apple:

Google SERP Site Links
Site links

Using site links can be a great way to improve CTR and let the user get directly to the page they want.

To use this, you need to implement search action anchor markup.

If you use Yoast SEO for WordPress, you already have this feature.

Twitter cards

On some search queries, relevant tweets might even be displayed.

Google search twitter cards
Google tweets

Video results

Video results are displayed for some keywords, that Google deems fit for videos.

Google search Video result
Video result

In this case, only videos from YouTube are shown.

But if you do video SEO and implement the video schema markup, you can actually make your videos from your website appear in video results.

So is SEO still worth it?

SEO is not dead. But it has become much harder to obtain a good ranking.

Google keeps making it’s algorithm smarter, which makes everything harder, but in the end, gives the user a better experience.

One great free tool that I use often is Ubersuggest.

How to rank #1 page in 2019

You are stilling looking to reach page one? This SEO checklist is the ultimate guide to rank NOW! Read it here.

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