Starting from Zero 2nd edition review

Tomorrow (04-09-2019) Fred Lam will be releasing the second edition of Starting from Zero. The first book was highly recommended and is his bestselling book.

Starting from zero review

It will be released in a digital copy and audiobook. And you know what? The first 10 days of the launch you’ll be able to get both for ONLY $1.99. That is cheap in my opinion. 

Foreword by Robert Kiyosaki — Bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (worth reading if you have not)

Alright, let’s get into the book. 

The book was written with one big question in mind; 

How can I build an online business especially when I’m starting with NOTHING?

The search for the mysterious answer to this question paved Fred Lam towards an incredible journey that took him over a DECADE. 

The book is about what he learned an what worked for him through the many years. This is what he learned…

  • The 5-steps system that he has used to build multiple 7-figure businesses
  • How he launched businesses in just minutes
  • Join a $700 Billion market as it continues to grow every day

There was actually a systematic FORMULA To build a business with products that you’ve never seen or touched

Inside this book, you’ll learn this EXACT formula 

Fred Lam’s mission for the book is simple: 

He wants to create a community where determined individuals who want to control their financial destiny can learn to start their online business venture starting from zero. This book will show everyone the 5-step process of making their entrepreneurship a reality!

Starting from Zero 5-step system
The 5-Step System to success

The 5-Step system will be fully explained in the book and help you towards your success!

This is the second edition of our Starting From Zero book. It is filled with new strategies and the most up-to-date information on how you can build a business online. It is an audiobook that includes a digital copy, plus instant access to learn how to start an online business quickly with little to NO capital investment. The second edition of my Starting From Zero book is officially going into publications so anyone that wants to grab a copy will need to purchase at a retail price. However, during the launch, he is doing something special.

During his launch, he is going to be offering the audiobook plus a FREE digital copy for just $1.99.

It is really a bargain for what you will learn. And why wait a few months till when the launch is over and the price is higher for the book?

Get it here for less than a cup of coffee!

Talk to you soon!

P.S: If you are new to making money online, this training will help you get started with affiliate marketing 🙂

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