The process of building a funnel with GetResponse

This is a guide to create a funnel with GetResponse Autofunnel.

It is actually quite straight forward to do this.

You will need a GetResponse account if you don’t, you can get a 14-day free trial here.

Creating your first funnel

You’ll need to have the essential subscription or higher. Autofunnel is included in the free trial.

To create a funnel, log in to your dashboard.

First press the menu in the top left corner, select autofunnel and click “create funnel”.

Now give your funnel a name. I choose “Funnel Guide” for the sake of this guide. The main goal of this funnel is to build a list, where I will be promoting the GetResponse affiliate offer. So I will select “Build a list” and then “Create a funnel”.

Autofunnel step 1

You have now created the funnel, but it can’t do anything.

We’ll start by creating a signup page so we can get people to sign up to your list.

Since I can’t share my funnel with GetResponse I’ve used a generic template from GetResponse and modified it myself to be at a 28% conversion rate at the time of writing this.

I liked “Ad system by Jason Whaling” template, so go ahead and choose that or another one.

You can take a look of what I created here. If you came in via the 4-day training you might already have seen this.

You simple drag and drop modules like a text box or a button from the right sidebar.

To change the color of text or the font size, just highlight it with and you will be able to change all of this.

The signup form is already connected to the list that was created with the funnel. So no need to setup a connection from the form to the list. It’s done for you.

The next thing you want to do is to set up the automation flow that sends out emails to your new list. This we’ll cover tomorrow.

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