Tools I use

Here is my list of the tools that I use pretty much every single day. I will keep this list updated

Hosting for a website

Webhosting is one of the most important things. It needs have fast load times else you will lose readers or customers. You can get a great deal on Bluehost here.

Shopify ecommerce websites and hosting

When it comes to ecommerce Shopify is simple one of the best services. I really enjoy that they both have the website and the hosting in one package. It really makes it a joy to work with. You could even start selling a few products within the hour. Get a 14-day free trial here.

Building a mailing list

I personally have had the best time building email lists with GetResponse. Their system is so nice and easy to use. They also have a great automation tool where you can really go into depth with the flow of the mailing lists. You can get a 30-day free trial here.