Your 90-day Game-Plan To Generate $1700+/Month

How to generate passive income

I’ll be giving you a complete guide on how to make over $1700 each month. Pretty much passively, but you can also work more and earn more each month.

The game-plan

You will be promoting GetResponse. They have a nice offer where you earn 33% per month of their subscription. There is really some big money to be made here because some of the subscriptions can be pretty hefty if you want all the features and have many contacts.

But for the sake of this tutorial I used the essential subscription in the math.

Since I am in Europe I can’t see the price in dollars, but the calculation is like so. 45 euros for essential pack times 100, which is 4500. This you need to multiply with 0.33 since you get 33% of the subscription. This is 1485 euros. Google says this is 1658 in dollars.

My calculation is based on you getting 100 paying subscribers in 90-days. This is possible. You just need about 1 new subscriber each day. Not too hard.

If you are new it will probably take some more work from you to get 1 a day. You can do it with this plan though.

You’ll need a GetResponse free trial because we will be using their funnel and email automation system. So you will only need to do the setup and then the rest is automated.

When you have gotten your GetResponse account set up, you’ll need to signup for their affiliate program here(I recommend the recurring program so you can get the monthly commission).

If you haven’t signed up for my 4-day free training + bonus content, you can still do it here – only a few spots left before I close for sign-ups.

Setting up your funnel

Since I yesterday posted a blog on how to set up a funnel with GetResponse I won’t repeat myself go check it out “The process of building a funnel with GetResponse“.

Setting up your automated messages with workflow

With GetResponse you can make automated workflows. This means that when someone joins your list, they will go through a flow of messages where you can check if they have opened your message and if they haven’t you can send another one.

You’ll need the “Professional” subscription to use this, but you get this in the free trial.

Here is a very simple workflow of that I will show you how to make. Note: this is the one I used for this guide, this is why nobody has been in the workflow, but it is pretty much the same I used for my 4-day free training.

GetResponse Automation Workflow

To get started with setting up a workflow we need to make a message (the email). Simple go to the menu when you are logged into the dashboard, in the top left corner and select “Automation”.

Now you need to select “Automation messages”. Now click “Create draft”, select the list that you want the email to get it’s settings from, choose the message name, the subject and the from email.

Pretty straight forward.

Click “Next step”.

You can choose between a selection of templates to make your email look beautiful. I like to keep it simple, so I choose “Start from scratch” and then 1 column-1.

Go ahead and remove the image and the lower text box.

Simple create your email text in the last text box. Highlight the important text with color and others with bold.

You are free to use my email text from the messages that I’ve sent you in my free training – again, you can still join here if you haven’t yet.

When you are happy with your email in the bottom right corner, you choose “save as draft”. We need to save it as a draft to get it into our workflow.

Now that you have saved the message, go back to the “Automation” dashboard and click “create workflow”.

Then choose “Build from scratch”.

You will get something like this. Give the workflow a name and select “subscribes”, since we want to send the user who subscribes through this flow of emails.

Workflow automation with GetResponse Step 1
Workflow automation with GetResponse Step 1

We want to send a message right away, so drag and drop the “send message” from the right sidebar, so it will look something like this. I also added the connection between “Subscribes” and “Send message”. Simply drag from the green check mark down to “Send message”.

Workflow automation with GetResponse Step 2

Now we want to select the list we want to connect to subscribes, else everyone from any list will end up here, so this step is important.

Workflow automation with GetResponse Step 3

Please click on the “Send message” since we want to connect the email that we wrote earlier.

Workflow automation with GetResponse Step 4

Now you can DO much more with workflows, but I’ll do this simple. You can always expand.

So I will be adding a “wait”. This means we can set a timer for when the next email should be sent. I will also be adding one more message, just to show you are an example with a few more blocks.

Your 90-day Game-Plan To Generate $1700+/Month 1

As you can see I end with a “wait” of 50 days. This is so the user doesn’t end in the flow. If there is no more to do the user will be gone from the workflow. So I like to add a 50-day wait end the end. If I would like to expand it some time, I just connect a new message and a new 50-day wait to end with and change this wait to 1 day or 1 week.

I will leave the rest to you.

You can add checks to see if the user has opened your email, but remember to have a wait, because they might not open the email, the second you send it.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Talk to you soon!

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